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Lace glue

Lace glue

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Our fast drying ultra hold lace glue instantly melts lace which can make your install last up to 4 weeks with proper application and care. 

Kindly conduct a patch test 24-48h before using our products.



✔️ Extreme hold.

✔️Humidity resistant.

✔️Oily skin.

✔️No latex.


  • Prepare the skin by cleaning off residuals.
  • Apply thin layer of the glue to skin and blowdry until glue is tacky.
  • Repeat previous step (For a long lasting install, apply at least 5 thin layers of glue).
  • Press lace on dried glue and watch how the lace melts into the skin.

How to remove

A step by step demo can be found on the glue remover or can be found on our Instagram at Fleekedbyabena. 

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Customer Reviews

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Gabriela Brown
Lace Glue Review

Love, love, love this product! I’ve been using the Fleekedbyabena Lace glue for about 5 months and I kid you not I have my wigs laidddd for 4 weeks! followed the instructions on the product. No lifting! Also, I started the gym in Jan, new year new me uno, and the glue has beeeeeen gluing regardless of sweat! Definitely the best glue I’ve used!