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Thee Fleeked Effect

Thee Fleeked Effect

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The Fleeked effect includes our essential wig-installing products for a Fleeked effect.

It includes:

  • Lace glue: waterproof, ultra-hold, humidity-resistant lace glue.
  • Melting spray: Instantly lace melting spray ( can also be used for glueless wigs).
  • Wax stick: Non-greasy molding wax for sleek hairdos.

Kindly do a skin patch test before using our products.


Lace glue

  • Prepare the skin by using rubbing alcohol.
  • Apply a thin layer of the glue to the skin and blowdry until the glue is tacky.
  • Repeat the previous step (For a long-lasting install, apply at least 5 thin layers of glue).
  • Press lace on dried glue and watch how the lace melts into the skin.

Melting spray: 

  • Apply melting spray onto fingertips and dab it on the hairline of the lace.
  • Gently Use our Fleekedbyabena melting band to press down the lace where the melting spray was applied.
  • Slowly remove our Fleekedbyabena melting band and see how the lace fully melts into the skin.

Wax stick 

  • Apply wax stick on the roots of the hair
  • To tame flyaways, it is essential to use a hot comb on hair after the wax has been applied. 




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Christine Boachie
Amazinggg products and love the packing!!

Love the packaging so much and the products are honestly top tier. If you’re looking for a sign to buy it then here’s your sign 🤩